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Good Fantasy Series

So as a big Tolkein (Lord of the Rings series) and Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire series) fan I’ve been looking for other fantasy series that I can conveniently keep on my iPad to read at my leisure.  I found a decent series called The Queen’s Blade that was more interesting than I expected it to be.  Another called Darkstalker that I really couldn’t put down though it was not exceptionally written.  To use a movie or TV analogy, Darkstalker is like to Conan movies; entertaining as hell but not overly deep or sophisticated.

I recently just starter the Malazan Book of the Fallen series by Steven Erikson though, and I’m really impressed with it.  I finished the first book, Gardens of the Moon, and am halfway through the second, Deadhouse Gates.  Great characters, a vast world, sometimes confusing sorcery elements but not enough to distract interest from the story.  It’s similar to ASoIaF in that it’s got several intertwined plot lines going on at once, and several “main” characters to follow, but the writing is exceptional!  The other nice thing about the series (unlike Martin and ASoIaF) is that it is already complete; so no decade long cliff hanging.  From the reviews I’ve read the series delivers closure on the characters and story lines, so I’m looking forward to that.  So if those types of books are to your liking, I highly recommend checking out this series.  Even only being a book and a half into a ten book series, I’ve not slowed down a bit in my enjoyment, and it’s still every bit the page turner.